Spike Systems™ Training Seminar

The primary focus of the Spike Systems™ Training Seminar is to bridge the gap in communication that is inherent in the traffic control devices industry. Being able to speak in the “Spike Systems™ language” is essential, as it allows for exact ordering and technical support. Knowing the proper part name and numbers ensures both that the ordering process is efficient and accurate every time, and that all necessary technical support solutions will be achieved safely and quickly.

Each Spike Systems™ Training Seminar consists of hands-on workstations that provide in-depth analysis on all electrical and hydraulic components. Additionally, each seminar will have specific stations dedicated to showing the step-by-step installation process for all access control, automation and peripheral equipment.

Ultimately, the goal of each seminar is to arm our LVI™ techs with both the know-how and confidence to work on all of Spike Systems™ traffic control devices, allowing them to achieve successful resolutions in a timely, safe and professional manner.


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