Develop and engineer the most fundamentally sound traffic control devices on the market, using the latest in tools and technologies to evolve products with an everchanging world.


Enabling traffic control devices to withstand the harshest of abuse, whether it is from the environment or repeated use, Spike Systems™ will stand the test of time.


Customers will be able to protect their facilities and assets time and again, with basic maintenance and the understanding that safety and protection are already taken care of.

In March 2019, Lane Valente Industries™ (LVI™) partnered with Spike Systems™ and now handles all Spike Systems™ sales, shipping, and technical support.

For the last 30 years, Spike Systems™ has been a vanguard in the traffic control device industry. We take great pride in the quality and design flexibility of our entire product line… and it shows! That’s why Spike Systems™ has become the preferred choice for commercial, municipal, and government applications around the globe.

Spike Systems™ revolutionized the traffic control industry with the design and development of the first-ever pedestrian-safe traffic control device, the ps95. The ps95 set the standard in safety and usability for the entire vehicle control devices industry.

For all your traffic control needs there is only one choice . . . Spike Systems™!

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