Motorized Surface Mount Tiger Teeth (CS72-SM)


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The CS72-SM automated/motorized hydraulic, surface-mounted traffic controller is designed to regulate the flow of traffic through a secured control point, while providing a visual and physical barrier to approaching vehicles and preventing against unauthorized vehicles entering and/or exiting a secured area.

The CS72-SM surface mount design assists in the elimination of excavation and drainage problems. With customizable control logic, it can be easily adapted to new or existing gate operators (e.g. barrier gates, swing gates, slide gates). The utilization of the hydraulic systems, with its solid state logic and circuitry will provide years of worry-free operation.

This traffic control unit has 1 (3') tunnel section and 2 (3') control modules with 36'' control modules available for lengths up to 30 feet.

Finish: Heavy-Duty Industrial Paint

Color: Safety Red and Safety Yellow (standard), other colors available upon request


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green lightTS-LED-Green-GB
8" Green LED
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AX-2DL-3-1C-(NO)AX-2DL-3-1C (NO)
Dual channel, dual output (one per channel) vehicle detector with..Directional Logic. WITH 11 Pin Wire Harness 802-4 (pair with LW..50')
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CR-Card Reader HIDCR-Card Reader HID
CR-Card Reader Only (A-6221)
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CR-Cards-AWID DKS 1520-080
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HID-Prox Cards (A-6293)
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Bronze bushing for CS72 shaft
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CS72-Cabinet Lock SetCS72-Cabinet Lock Set
Cabinet Key and Lock Set
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3' Control Module for the CS72 Surface mounted Heavy Duty includes- Frame, top plate, 2 spiders and 2 couplers
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Additional Surface Mount 3?-0? traffic control modules [tiger teeth], powder coated. **Red**
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CS72-CM-SM-FrameCS72-CM-SM- Frame
Control Module Frame
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CS72-Coupler- ActuatorCS72-Coupler- Actuator
Drive coupler 1/2'' (actuator) (L050)
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CS72-Coupler- ShaftCS72-Coupler- Shaft
Love Joy (drive) coupler 3/4'' (shaft)
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Hydraulic Box Housing with door, key, and decal
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CS72-Hyd ActuatorCS72-Hyd Actuator
Hydraulic actuator for CS72..LTR-102-090-AB-13M-C05 (A-6233) (4lbs)
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CS72-Hyd Hose KitCS72-Hyd Hose Kit
Includes- (1) 26? hose, (1) 25" hose, (1) 20" hose, and (1) 32" hose with (2) fittings
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CS72-HB-01CS72 Hydraulic box complete
Hydraulic box complete-FM or SM..and Left or Right
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Spike-Systems™ Motorized Surface Mount Tiger Teeth - CS72-SMCS72-L/R-SM
Right or Left-hand Surface mounted Motorized traffic controller to include (1) Hydraulic traffic controller, (1) 3?-0? tunnel section, (2) 3?-0? traffic control modules [tiger teeth], powder coated ** Red*
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CS72-Limit SwitchCS72- Limit Switch
Limit Switch for CS72 Actuator
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1/2 HP replacement motor for CS72
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CS72-Motor/Pump Assembly (Complete)CS72-Motor/Pump Assembly (Complete)
Hydraulic Power Unit for CS72 1/2 hp Motor, Reservoir Tank and Pump complete (includes DCV, body, cables, and PO check valve..cartridge)
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